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Wedding Reception Planned Formalities:  Making an Entrance verses "Making a Grand Entrance!"


One of the major focal points of any wedding reception are the special dances and special events or “planned formalities.”   Many of the key elements, such as the “Grand Entrance”, “Cake Cutting” and Bridal Party Toasts” are events that make your wedding reception unique and special!  Such planned formalities create the opportunity for rare occasions where all of your guests’ attention is simultaneously focused on you. Make these planned events as original and uniquely your own as possible, because it is likely that your guests will remember these moments more than any others.


As your personal DJ, Daryl Beier of Horizon Entertainment will help you plan each step of your wedding reception (with the help of our wedding reception guide sheet) in advance of your Big Day!  Coordinating the “planned formalities” for a wedding reception is no easy task, especially for a novice.  An experienced wedding DJ has prepared for these types of events and performed these types of activities countless times before.  An experienced DJ will maintain contact with you and your professional vendor staff throughout the course of the evening in order to coordinate each “planned formality.”  Remember that good communication and coordination is the key to keeping your wedding reception flowing smoothly and flawlessly.


One such “planned formality” and usually the first major Special Event of the evening will be the “Grand Entrance”.  Your Introduction is a major focal point of your event and is an important key to successfully kicking off your wedding reception!  Help from an experienced and professional wedding DJ/emcee is critical in this area, right from the very get-go! 


Keep in mind that walking into a reception hall with an appropriate theme song can also help energize a room quickly. Pick an upbeat song that you both personally like, a song with a message or feeling that resonates within you. Also keep in mind song choices for the Grand Entrance are virtually limitless!  The key is to pick a Grand Entrance song that is based on your own personal taste. Horizon Entertainment recommends a Grand Entrance song that is energetic and original (along with your own presentation as a newly married couple) this is a great way to start a reception that will stand out in your guests’ memory! 


Short on ideas for Wedding Receptiong Grand Entrance song choices?  Dj Daryl of Horizon Entertainment can help you with this as well as provide you with Top Grand Entrance wedding reception song lists....


Since most newlyweds are unaccustomed to making “formal appearances” or “formal entries,” many couples are unaware or unprepared to take full advantage of this special moment... the opportunity the Grand Entrance presents to themselves the shining stars of the evening! The first inclination for many couples is to make a beeline for the head table; however, this is exactly the opposite of what Horizon Entertainment recommends:


Remember, your guests have been anxiously awaiting this moment to express their love, excitement and admiration for you!  Why not let them?  Once you’ve entered the reception hall just stop, look around the room and listen, smile at your guests and then await their applause. You will be surprised to find the applause you receive often gets noticeably louder when you simply stop and present yourselves properly to your guests.  Remember to take time and pause.  Take time to take in this life-long treasured and awaited moment!  Give your guests what they want!  Give your guests an opportunity to see the emotion on your face!  By pausing before your guests, you are acknowledging and reciprocating the love they have for you, which your guests are demonstrating by their presence and with their applause. After having received a few moments of applause, then make your way to the head table.


Presenting yourself to your guests in this manner may seem insignificant to you at first but (based on my years of DJ experience) it makes a big difference, an important difference between just making an entrance and “Making a Grand Entrance!”

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