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How to Find a Professional Wedding DJ in WI

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DJ Daryl Beier has been a wedding disc jockey, emcee, master of ceremony, and party DJ/Entertainer for more than 17 years... 


DJ Daryl has Deejayed for more than a 1,000 successful weddings, private parties, company parties and corporate events! 


DJ Daryl would like to remind you that...   “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”




 Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.” Anonymous


"Since I’ve been in the wedding entertainment business (ever since I was about sixteen years old) I’ve seen and experienced a tremendous amount of wedding receptions over the years.  I’ve worked with many brides (and grooms) that were very organized and meticulous and knew exactly what they wanted from their wedding and then I’ve worked with a small handful of brides and grooms that, plainly put, were probably not so organized or meticulous about their wedding plans.  My point is this, whether you hire me to DJ for your wedding or you hire another wedding DJ service or company, take what I am about to say to heart... Consider this advice as if it were coming from a friend, from someone who really knows about weddings through experiences and deeply cares and is concerned about your wedding...  Because of this, I would like to leave you with some helpful tips, thoughts and friendly words of advice.  


Personally, based on many years of experience, for most weddings, wedding receptions, and wedding dances, I typically prefer to do a complete wedding package and here are some of the main reasons why…


Number One, You only get One Chance and One Chance Only to make a postive Good First Impression . . .  I don’t care who you are, whether it’s you and your husband, your reception hall staff or your wedding DJ, you only get this one chance.  In order to make that good positive first impression, you need to make a conscientious effort to be mentally and literally physically prepared to do that!  For me to make the best first impression I can make on your guests, I need to be mentally and physically prepared ahead of time.  What I mean by this is, if possible, I like to arrive at your job site as early as time allows, before any of your wedding guests have arrived, to set-up Horizon Entertainmet's massive music library, touring sound and lighting equipment.  


It can be challenging to a DJ or perhaps even a bit frustrating to a DJ at times, when trying to set-up large amounts of equipment, to find several guests standing in the way.  Not only is it challenging, but it can also be time consuming.  It’s not only challenging for the DJ, but it’s also being somewhat inconsiderate of your guests.  Not only is it somewhat inconsiderate, it can occasionally be frustrating to your guests, especially if the DJ's opening and closing exterior doors, letting in hot or cold air and requiring your guests to move out of his or her way in order to set-up DJ equipment.  


Secondly, there's no way to do a proper sound check when your guests are there and trying to visit.  In order to do a proper sound check, the DJ needs to be able turn up the sound system's volume to the level at which he will be performing during the dance, not at the sound levels he would be playing for cocktail or dinner music.  A high performance automobile engine may run well at an idle, but start working it hard, if it’s not properly fine-tuned, it will not perform properly or optimally.  Therefore, if your guests have already arrived, it's practically not feasible for your DJ to perform a proper audio and microphone check without appearing to be obnoxious or inconsiderate to your guests.


Thirdly, a DJ not only needs to set-up a sound system and perform a sound and mic check, but he also needs to set-up a lighting system and do a light check.  Again, based on years of experience, it is my recommendation that a DJ simply shouldn’t be setting up equipment, doing sound, lighting and microphone checks once the guests begin to arrive.  Simply put, a DJ can’t go about doing these types of tasks without feeling rushed and being impolite to your guests.  


Fourthly, if the DJ must rush around in a mad dash to accomplish his purposes before the dance, he may likely be feeling somewhat inconvenienced and your guests are likely to be feeling somewhat frustrated by the DJ, as well.  This is not a good way to set the tone for your evening.  The more rushed a DJ feels before the start of the event and the less time he has to prepare himself mentally and physically for the evening (an evening of fun not stress), in my opinion the less successful and less likely he or shie will be to put on a stellar performance!  


As for me, I prefer to be completely set-up at least a half-hour before your first guests arrive.  This gives me time to wind down and cool down by getting a drink of water and relaxing.  In addition, it also allows time for me to go and freshen up a bit, put on some cologne, even brush my teeth and then get dressed in my tuxedo.  Now that I know everything is set-up and working properly and I’ve had time to clean-up and get dressed into my tux, I’m into the groove! I’m ready to party!  I'm in the right state-of-mind and have the right mental attitude!  I can now begin preparing for the evening by going over my check list, the list of events found in my wedding reception guide sheet that were laid out far in advance of your reception.  


Now that I’m refreshed . . . I'm dressed for success in my tuxedo!  I'm ready to go with my sound and lighting equipment!  Everything is sounding great and working perfectly (before your guests have already arrived, of course:) . . . I’m mentally prepared, psyched up and ready for an evening of fun and celebration!  I can now put on a "natural" big smile, mingle with your guests, work with your photographer and videographer, take down a few more notes, write down a few song requests early in the evening and even get to know a few of your guests . . . all before your dance ever starts!  Again, this sets the tone and the mood for the entire evening!  


Once you and your husband arrive, we can plan ahead to do a Grand Entrance!  We can pick out a song that you would like to enter the reception hall with!  I can then request that your guests stand and applaud as I announce your names and you enter the hall with your bridal party!  These are the types of things that make a positive impression on your guests and they set the tone for the entire evening.  


Remember! You "WE" only get One Chance to make a "Positive First Impression" on Your Guests!


From the time your first guests arrive and enter the reception hall, I continue to work your audience by making announcements, when appropriate and as needed, while playing up-tempo background music that is quiet enough for people to talk above, yet audible enough that they have an enjoyable time listening and tapping their toes along to the music!  I can’t count how many times, I’ve received so many positive comments and feedback, especially from some of the older guests on the various types of great sounding background music that I play.  In addition, I am available for your entire evening to make other announcements, such as the cutting of the wedding cake and to play an appointed song for all such special occasions, while encouraging your guests to grab their cameras and video cameras to capture precious moments and special events, to make future memories!


Finally, the wedding reception hall will often have me request that your guests be seated before dinner.  The wait-staff may want me to announce to your guests that they will be serving the head table first, then the immediate family, etc.  If you have a buffet line, for example, the reception hall may ask me to announce that your guests remain seated until their table is released by a reception hall wait-staff member.  Next, you too may want me to make special announcements, such as (if you choose) asking the blessing or saying grace before the meal.  I furnish a SHURE professional UHF wireless microphone for this purpose, which may also be used for making the Best Man's Toast, Maid/Matron of Honor's Toast, etc.  Once dinner is over, the tables and chairs have been put away and the dance floor has been cleared, since I’m there working anyway, you are free to start your dance any time you choose! 


If this is the way you would like to see your wedding dance go or at least something like it, then you have found the perfect wedding DJ for your reception!"  


- DJ Daryl Beier


P.S. DJ Daryl looks forward to serving you and your DJ needs as your wedding DJ in Western Wisconsin, Southern Wisconsin, South-central WI, Southwestern WI and Central Wisconsin!

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