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Horizon Entertainment ... One of the best rated, top #1, single-owner/operator DJ wedding entertainment DJ's/DJ companies in the Midwest based on positive public reviews & ratings submitted by brides & grooms!


Here's what makes Horizon Entertainment’s wedding DJ packages the absolute best:

  • Unlimited Hours & Service Available- Makes for one less thing you have to think about. Also included are extra DJ-related equipment, time, phone calls, meetings, and ideas. All your bases are covered and included.
  • Personal planningThis is huge!  The person you call, email, and meet with...is also the DJ at your wedding reception.
  • Ceremony & Reception Coverage- Even at separate locations, you can get sound systems and music for both as well as high quality wired and wireless microphones so your wedding can be heard by all of your guests.
  • Enormous radio edit for content and legal music library- This is very important.  Learn why!
  • Professional Sound Systems - This is often overlooked by brides & grooms in the planning process.  Find out why Horizon Entertainment’s sound systems are better.
  • Professional Lighting





Remember....  Fabulous disc jockey's are never cheap...and

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“Bride Interview with Wedding DJ Daryl Beier of Horizon Entertainment”


Best Weddings Receptions, DJs Disc Jockeys, Reviews

Please take a moment to read this interview before hiring HEDJ Daryl Beier (or any other wedding entertainment).


Bride:  How long have you been DJ’ing and providing professional entertainment for wedding receptions?


HEDJ Daryl Beier: I began my disc jockey career while working on a business major as a business student at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in 1992.   


Bride:  And how did you happen to become a wedding reception disc jockey?


HEDJ Daryl Beier: I began my music entertainment career early as a youngster, back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when I and members of my family put together a wedding band that eventually became a top-notch concept road show band, that eventually became the opening act for a variety of prominent performers and headliners throughout the Midwest. After several years of being on the road as a musician, I took that good experience I had acquired from heading up a successful road show band and developed it into an ambitious, hard-working, mobile disc jockey service venture that today provides high quality, affordable entertainment combined with wedding reception coordination and planning throughout Southeastern Minnesota, Northeastern Iowa and the southern half of Wisconsin.   About the Owner


Bride: We love your wedding DJ services.  Everything sounds fantastic….  So can you tell me what sets you apart?  What makes you unique and different from all the other wedding disc jockey services that are out there? 


HEDJ Daryl Beier:Ever been to a wedding reception that was ho-hum, boring or just plain blah? Or how about a wedding reception where the entertainment was downright annoying or just plain never showed up?  Horizon Entertainment hasn’t!!  Wedding couples, looking for reception entertainment have typically never done this sort of thing before, so they're often afraid of making the wrong wedding DJ choice.  Sometimes they get so overwhelmed they begin to freak out!  They don’t want a cheesy DJ.  They don’t want an embarrassing DJ. Horizon Entertainment gives creative options that create a comprehensive, planned, pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for your Special Day. We have an extensive, yet pleasurable planning experience that few other DJ services have the willingness or ability to provide.


Horizon Entertainment is a wedding reception disc jockey service that you can trust, but don't take my word for it!  Hear what my clients and vendors have to say!


Bride: This all sounds so wonderful, but it also seems expensive.  Are we going to be able to afford this?


HEDJ Daryl Beier:  Yes!  Of course!  Absolutely!  We offer packages & service alternatives and even lay-away installment options that fit every reception’s financial plan making a stress-free wedding day affordable to everyone.  Perhaps a better question might be “How can you afford NOT to hire us?” I’m very flexible with my clients.  We want to make it possible for you to have your dream wedding and that is why my wedding reception DJ/MC packages are designed by you, the bride!  You can pick and choose what works for you and your needs while customizing everything to fit within your budget!


When it comes to budgeting money for your Special Day, you should first  decide what type of wedding reception you want and then what items are MOST IMPORTANT to YOU.  You will want to individualize your wedding reception by creating an itemized list of your desires.  For example, are the most important items for your wedding reception matters of appearance or also making sure you create lasting memories of you and your guests having fun, being happy and having a good time?  Create an organized list of your wants and needs and then itemize your list of thoughts and dreams by order of importance.  Is the most important item on your list the reception venue and the meal or your wedding dress?

The Best Wedding Reception Ever!If your wedding reception is as much about having a good time as it is about making appearances and you want your Big Day to be “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!” you are going to need more than just Good Music!  You’re also going to need more polish and more creativity than the average wedding DJ can provide.  You will need a disc jockey that specializes in creating entertaining weddings, delivering unforgettable wedding reception entertainment and outstanding performances. To create the most pleasurable and fun-filled atmosphere possible, you will want and need to search for the best wedding reception entertainment money can buy.  Remember that price isn’t the only factor that comes into play when deciding on who will DJ your event.


Here are some questions that you may want to ask yourself and consider before hiring a wedding Disc Jockey or any other reception vendor.  Has anyone ever left a wedding day one minute early because the food was cold or the cake didn’t taste good? What about if the flowers or balloons didn’t arrive? No!  Probably not! Has anyone cut the day short because the entertainment wasn’t very good? Or worse still, was obnoxious, embarrassing or didn’t bother to show up at all? YES!!! Countless times!

Modern Bride magazine once said that, nationally, the average bride and groom spend $15,000.00 or more on everything to do with their wedding day. Locally, we estimate the cost to be closer to about $10,000.00. If your wedding ceremony is at 2:00 p.m. and the last song is played at 12:00 a.m. (that’s 10 hours) you will have spent $1,000.00 an hour for the most important day of your life to be perfect!  

If your deejay isn’t an entertainer and he or she loses the momentum of your show, you gradually lose your guests. By 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. your deejay is now playing to just a handful of people. Soon, you thank the deejay and tell him (or her) to go ahead and shut down for the night, because all of your guests have left!  If your show ends just one hour early, that’s $1,000.00 that you have spent on the most important day of your life!  Add in the cost of an inexperienced deejay, and you’ve spent up to $1,500.00 or more on a performance that let you down!  Disc Jockeys charge what they perceive themselves to be worth. You get what you pay for and that holds true when it comes to hiring a wedding deejay.

Horizon Entertainment does not compromise quality for price. Our reputation means way too much to settle for less when it comes to the quality of our service. Horizon Entertainment is a professional, full service deejay company. Our continued success depends upon maintaining the integrity and excellence of our service. Horizon Entertainment doesn’t just claim or promise quality … we give quality entertainment and service, every time, all the time!  We believe we are worth one hour of your wedding day. We may not always charge it, but we are definitely worth it. If having the best wedding reception entertainment that money can buy for your once-in-a-lifetime event is important to you, you have found your entertainment!



Martha Stewart LivingBride: Who do you work best with?


HEDJ Daryl Beier: I work best with brides and  grooms that are absolutely excited about creating a welcoming and extraordinary atmosphere for their special event that they, their family, friends and guests will talk about for weeks, months and even years to come. I truly enjoy working with couples who know they want to plan a truly great wedding celebration, yet just aren’t sure where to begin, not knowing how to arrange or handle all of the fine details of coordinating their own wedding reception. Finally, I work best with couples that want the process to be enjoyable, even when it means working around their busy schedules.


Bride:  Who is not going to benefit from my services or my help with planning your wedding?


HEDJ Daryl Beier: While I’m absolutely delighted and enjoy working with brides and grooms to create their own personal dream wedding receptions, we must be a good match for one another if we’re going to create the most special and amazing day that you’ve always wanted.  So, if you’re a customer that’s interested only in music or are a pessimistic person, chronic skeptic, or someone that doesn’t understand the value of having a wedding disc jockey that will help plan your wedding reception, or have trouble seeing that you deserve the most fabulous wedding day possible, we may not be a good fit for one another. It’s absolutely fine if you think you fit into this category, but this is something you must take into consideration before getting started with any wedding reception vendor you choose to work with. Otherwise, vendors simply won’t be able to assist you the way they would like to or the way you need to be helped.  Again, if you don’t value the difference between an experienced and professional wedding disc jockey and a friend who offers to DJ your special event for free, or if you’re looking for the cheapest disc jockey you can find, we are not going to be a good match. You must know and understand that you are deserving of the good gifts that are before you before you can begin to receive them.


Bride:  Will I lose control of my wedding if you are planning it for me?


HEDJ Daryl Beier: Together, I will work with you to create a plan for the ultimate vision of your wedding reception entertainment.  Once we have an itinerary of special events created, I will then become your spokesperson and the master of ceremony for that plan.  Ultimately, you have complete control over the input for that plan as it relates exclusively to your wedding reception entertainment.



Bride:  Will you work well with the vendors I’ve already found or vendors that I really want to work with?



HEDJ Daryl Beier:  Absolutely!  Of course I will work with ALL of your fabulous vendors.  I will also make sure that they are treated well!  Of course, it’s also not necessary for you to work with the vendors and people I've worked with in the past, know and trust; but, I do have amazing vendors at my fingertips that I can easily match to your needs, if and whenever needed.  I care profoundly about other wedding professionals and I feel it’s everyone’s responsibility to make your dream wedding reception happen. So, absolutely yes, I play well with others! Lol!


Bride: Do you take more than one wedding per day?



HEDJ Daryl Beier:  No! I’m only willing to DJ/MC one wedding per day. Your wedding deserves no less, and every vendor and service provider on your team should be willing to do the same.


Bride: This sounds like everything I’ve been looking for, what happens next to start the process?


HEDJ Daryl Beier: Your next step is to contact me. You may call me toll free at (877) 647-6203, direct at (608) 647-7187, on my mobile (608) 604-4899 or you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set-up up your get acquainted, complimentary consultation.  I want to hear about your needs, see if we’re a good match and what package fits your personality, style and budget best.


Bride:  May we contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?


HEDJ Daryl Beier:  Yes!Absolutely! My clients, newlyweds and their families become raving fans of my wedding reception disc jockey entertainment and coordination services and would love to speak to other potential clients and brides about their experience with Horizon Entertainment.  You can also look at our client testimonial page right now. 


Bride:  We have a couple more questions before getting started.  Can I call you to discuss further?


HEDJ Daryl Beier: Yes! In fact we highly encourage all of our clients to schedule a complimentary consultation so that we can get all of your questions out of the way, answered and make sure that we’re a great fit for one another.  Again, please feel free to call me with any questions you may have (877) 647-6203, (608) 647-7187, (608) 604-4899 or you can email to discuss your needs and desires hThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Madison WI Wedding DJ Music, Reception Coordination, Entertainment & Bride Planning Guide


To check out a small fraction of Horizon Entertainment's music library, you can find every all-time beat-maker hit song of the 1990s and 2000’s online at Top Hits U.S.A.



"Click on the Top Hits U.S.A. above and PartyBlast.com link below to visit and

check out Horizon Entertainment's Massive Music Library!"


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How To Choose Your Wedding Disc Jockey and caveats to avoid


By: Jeff Ostroff

There are thousands of wedding disc jockeys! But how do you find the wedding disc jockey that's perfect for you? Here you will find all the caveats to avoid, questions to ask, what DJ equipment they should be using, and what you should have included in your contract. Many tips on this page are only our opinion, you must choose what you feel is right for your wedding.  Choosing your wedding DJ is the best part of your wedding preparations. You get to meet a lot of wedding industry people who are generally nice, outgoing, and personable. 





Text or Call (608) 604-4899, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Direct (608) 647-7187, Mobile (608) 604-4899 or Toll Free (877) 647-6203 for WisconsinWedding Entertainment and Professional DJ, Deejay, Disc Jockey, Karaoke, MC, Emcee, Master of Ceremonies and Entertainment Service that gives your dream wedding event that festive feeling!


Wedding Receptions 

Golden Rules for Making DJ Music Memories


Good Wedding DJs work with brides and grooms and vice versa.  Brides and Grooms and Good Wedding DJs should interview one another in order to reflect on tastes in everything to do with a wedding, including the music selection.  The music a DJ plays and the service he provides determines much of the success of a wedding reception.  This can not be stated enough…


Music plays such an important role and backdrop to all of our lives.  Memories often correspond with whatever song was playing in the background at the time a memory was made. Weddings are fabulous occasions for celebrating a couple's past and future through music.  Therefore, it is a good idea for Wedding DJs, when they interview a couple, to ask about songs they remember from when they first met, what songs and styles of music they enjoy now and the tone they want to set for their wedding reception.

Choose music from sources such as Billboard’s Hot 100, for example, to find songs that fit with the couple's vision of the reception. Include a mix of ballads for slow dancing and popular hits to pack the dance floor.   A Good Wedding DJ will provide a couple with sample playlists which include songs that are currently the most popular for various special wedding dances and special events such as the Grand Entrance, Cutting of the Wedding Cake, Bride and Groom’s First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Grand March, Bridal Party Dance, Bouquet Toss, Garter Toss, Dollar Dance/Money Dance, Last Dance, etc.  This will not only give the bride and groom the DJ tools they need to plan their reception, but these lists can also help jog memories about songs they might have otherwise forgotten about, but want to include.  A Good Wedding DJ will always ask the bride and groom for a list of songs they definitely want played, and a list of any songs they absolutely don't want played.

A Good Wedding DJ will ALWAYS Set up his equipment early and test everything to make sure there are no technical difficulties, well in advance of the wedding reception. Arriving hours in advance is never too early!

A Good Wedding DJ will ALWAYS start his set off by congratulating the couple, introducing himself and then letting the audience know they can ask for song requests (as long as this is alright with the couple).

A Good Wedding DJ will ALWAYS play songs that are appropriate, at their appropriate times and at the right volume levels … slow songs for the married couple's first dance and then faster songs as the night progresses, especially as you come into the mid and later portion of the night.  If the bride and groom leave early to change for their honeymoon, it’s a good idea for the Bride/Groom and Wedding DJ to work this out ahead of time and then let the guests know that the couple will be leaving.


Horizon Entertainment’s Code of Ethics and High Standards

To ALWAYS Give More Than I Receive.

To ALWAYS Be Professional and Do the Right Thing, Every Time, All the Time.

To ALWAYS Treat My Clients With Dignity, Respect, Honor, Integrity, Fairness and Honesty.

To ALWAYS Be Dependable and Show Up On Time, Every Time.

To ALWAYS Work Hard, Be Interactive & Give Clients the Best Show Every Time.

To ALWAYS Be Accomodating, Courteous, Friendly and Positive Toward My Clients and their Guests.

To ALWAYS Furnish the Highest Quality Sound & Lighting Equipment Available.

To ALWAYS Have Back-up Sound & Lighting Equipment Present and Available on the Job Site.

To ALWAYS Provide a Complete Legal Music Library on the Job Site.

To ALWAYS Be Knowledgeable of all Types of Music & Provide the Largest Digital Music Library of Any DJ.

To ALWAYS Carry the Widest Variety of Music, All Formats and Genres, of Any DJ in WI.

To ALWAYS Be Sober and Never Drink Before, During, or After a Performance.

To ALWAYS Be Dressed Appropriately and Wear a Full Tuxedo while I’m On Stage for Weddings.

To ALWAYS Give My Commitment of Being the Best Value and Best DJ Service Every Time!

Golden Rule...  "Do for other people everything you would like them to do for you!"

Luke 6:31

 http://www.weddingmusicusa.com/index.asp  http://www.agiftpersonalized.com/?SSAID=77607 

 http://www.bachelorette.com http://store.bestweddingsites.com  http://wedclix.net  http://wedprosearch.com

http://www.topweddingwebsites.com/cgi-bin/top100/rankem.cgi?id=darylb  http://www.bride.com

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