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Horizon Entertainment DJ Daryl Beier of Wisconsin began his music career early, back in 1980 when he and other family members put together a top-notch concept road show band, that eventually became the opening act for a variety of prominent headliner performers throughout the Midwest. Several years later, DJ Daryl Beier took that good experience he had acquired from heading up a successful show band and developed it into an ambitious, hard-working, mobile DJ service venture that today provides high quality, affordable entertainment combined with wedding reception coordination and planning throughout Southeastern Minnesota, Northeastern Iowa and Southern Wisconsin. Today, HEDJ Daryl provides mobile DJ music for wedding ceremonies, weddings receptions, high school dance, holiday party, birthday parties, graduation parties, corporate events, and all other special events, activities,  and occasions.

Successful wedding celebrations don't just happen by chance...

They are the result of careful planning, expert coordination and choosing the right wedding DJ.

For reservations, rates and booking enquiries, please call:

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“You Never Get a 2nd Chance to Make a Good 1st Impression!”

Hi!  My name is Daryl Beier.  Welcome to my website!



On a more personal note, I am the owner and operator of Horizon Entertainment.  I'm an experienced disc jockey (DJ), professional entertainer, interactive Master of Ceremony (MC) and fun-filled Wedding Reception Planner and Coordinator. 

Horizon Entertainment is a highly competitive, full service, special events entertainment company.  As opposed to a large mobile disc jockey (DJ) agency, I take pride in performing each and every special event personally.  When you contract with Horizon Entertainment you can rest assured that you will be getting a prepared, unique, experienced entertainer, a professional with more than 20 years of entertainment experience.

I grew up on a small dairy farm in rural Wisconsin in Germantown (near Cazenovia).  We later moved to the small town of Valton, where I attended high school in Wonewoc, before moving to Richland Center.  My passion for music and entertaining began in early childhood.  Growing up on the family farm gave me time to listen to a wide variety of music.  My father, who also loved to sing, play music and dance, had always wanted to be in a band himself, so he encouraged his children to have the same passion for music that he had always had.  My father encouraged us to learn to play a musical instrument at an early age. I decided to take up playing the guitar at age 12. My youngest sister took up playing the bass guitar at age 10!  By the time my sisters and I were teenagers, we had become proficient musicians and so were able to fulfill my father's dream of putting together a family road show band.

My siblings and I began our entertainment career singing for churches, while some of us were not yet teenagers!  Eventually, this led to our band playing for weddings, county fairs and various other types of community events. After several years our band became well-known throughout the state of Wisconsin and the Midwest. This led us to perform for even larger events, including huge music festivals, arena's, coliseum's and state fairs, providing entertainment for crowds of more than 60,000 people.  This experience was incredible.  My family and I thoroughly enjoyed working with, being a part of, and becoming the opening act (and back-up band) for a significant number of famous headliners, performers, celebrities and nationally known entertainers.

After getting married and having children, everything changed. I was no longer able to devote the time needed to manage a band, engaging in rehearsals, maintaining sound and lighting equipment and touring for performances.  As an alternative, friends encouraged me to devote my time, talent, energy, and experience toward becoming a professional wedding reception disc jockey, entertainer and special events mobile DJ/MC, something that would better fit my lifestyle ... something that I could do on my own without having the same time commitments involved with the family road show band.

My first official disc jockey gig was performing for a wedding reception in November of 1992.  Two decades later my excitement, passion, and investment in the mobile wedding DJ industry continues to grow. Horizon Entertainment is able to accommodate any special event or venue, large or small. Horizon Entertainment also offers a legal music libraryof high qualityradio-edit songs, a wide variety of music (over 300,000 song titles) and a vast range of music that covers every genre transcending the 1930's right through all of Today's Top Hits!


My interactive DJ/Master of Ceremony speaking skills, style, baritone voice and knowing how to make the best use of a microphone have been honed as a result of many years of experience working with dozens of professional entertainers, being the lead singer and MC of the road show band, and through working with other professional wedding reception disc jockeys and emcees. This should matter to you in your decision-making process. My music playback systems sound better, are better and are more likely to work each and every time. As a full time single-operator DJ company, I’m able to focus on quality vs. quantity. You are not just “another gig” to me. I have a vested interest in every event I am a part of. My reputation and livelihood depend on it. I always ask myself, “If this was my event, what would I do to make it better?” “How can I make your wedding something that you, your family, and guests will remember forever?”

Even though I've been a Wedding Specialist DJ for more than 20 years, I sometimes struggle with calling myself a wedding DJ. To me, what I do is so much more than that. If had to nail down my job description, it would include Wedding Reception Planner/Coordinator/Director, Master of Ceremonies, Idea sharer, Listener, Music programmer, Sound guy and Stress-reliever. More than once I’ve had a bride tell me that she stressed over all of her vendors except me. I will always remember that. Other wedding vendors have commented that “You bring an element of ease and comfort to the wedding ceremony process. I couldn’t help but notice that your calm demeanor allowed everyone to feel confident that there weren’t going to be any of those little “oopsy” moments.”   Reverend Joan Pape – Ceremonies by Design

You get the best of ME. You are not forced to choose from among a dozen other DJ’s who are either inexperienced trainees or bored, unmotivated employees clocking in for the job. Every event feels different and every event is different for me. Every song I play has a unique purpose. I’m good at what I do because I truly love what I do for a living; in fact, I’ll probably get as much satisfaction from being a part of your event as you will from my wedding DJ services.

After looking over my website, you'll have a much better understanding of how to hire a DJ, what to look for, and what separates my company from all the others. Whether you hire me or not, I’d like you to get a sense of what the mobile DJ industry is supposed to be like. There is an enormous difference from one DJ company to the next.  Please take time to review the information & informative videos on my website.  Knowing this information can make such a difference in who you hire, what happens at your event, and how you feel about it all afterwards.

Thanks for looking and I’m looking forward to having a chat with you about Your Special Day!!!

P.S.  Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have (877) 647-6203, (608) 647-7187, (608) 604-4899, (414) 369-2609 or you can email us to discuss your needs and desires This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ... As always, there's never any obligation.


Having a conversation to get acquainted should always be the first step before making any important decision.

As a veteran entertainer and the owner / operator of Horizon Entertainment, I hold very high standards, some of which are included here:

•  Horizon Entertainment carrys a wide assortment of backup equipment at all times to every job site for all shows

•  With Horizon Entertainment you never have to worry about equipment failure.

•  Horizon Entertainment uses a legal music library.

•  Horizon Entertainment will not sub out your show to another DJ company.

•  Horizon Entertainment does not pay banquet hall managers a commission for referring your event.

•  Horizon Entertainment actively does DJ entertainment and music research to stay current!

Horizon Entertainment has provided me with a rewarding business opportunity because it allows me to continue doing what I love to do most... to constantly meet and interact with new people! 

Horizon Entertainment also gives me the opportunity to travel across the beautiful state of Wisconsin... 

Digital DJ Daryl Beier

Horizon Entertainment Owner/Operator

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(608) 647-7187 Direct

(414) 369-2609 Office

(608) 604-4899 Mobile

(877) 647-6203 Toll Free


On a more Personal Note with Digital DJ Daryl Beier of Horizon Entertainment

Family Status:



September 27, 1986

Brittany, Jenna and Ross

Some of my Hobbies include:

•  Music Research

•  Collecting Music

•  Sound Equipment Research

•  Lighting Equipment Research

•  Playing Guitar

•  Listening to Music

•  Sporting Events

•  Going to Movies

•  Studying History

What I Like Best About DJing:

Not many jobs give you the opportunity to play great music, promote having an excellent time and meeting all sorts of wonderful people. This job does!!!   

Wedding Receptions - And the Golden Rules of Making DJ Music Memories


Good Wedding DJs work with brides and grooms and vice versa.  Brides and Grooms and Good Wedding DJs should interview one another in order to reflect on tastes in everything to do with a wedding, including the music selection.  The music a DJ plays and the service he provides determines much of the success of a wedding reception.  This can not be stated enough….


Music plays such an important role and backdrop to all of our lives.  Memories often correspond with whatever song was playing in the background at the time a memory was created.  Weddings are fabulous occasions for celebrating a couple's past and future through music.  Therefore, it is a good idea for Wedding DJs, when they interview a couple, to ask about songs they remember from when they first met, what songs and styles of music they enjoy now and the tone they want to set for their wedding reception.  Choose music from sources such as Billboard’s Hot 100, for example, to find songs that fit.  Include a mix of ballads for slow dancing and popular hits to pack the dance floor. A Good Wedding DJ will provide a couple with sample playlists which include songs that are currently the most popular for various special wedding dances and special events such as the Grand Entrance, Cutting of the Wedding Cake, Bride and Groom’s First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Grand March, Bridal Party Dance, Bouquet Toss, Garter Toss, Dollar Dance/Money Dance, Last Dance, etc.  This will not only give the bride and groom the DJ tools they need to plan their reception, but these lists can also help jog memories about songs they might have otherwise forgotten about, but want to include.  A Good Wedding DJ will always ask the bride and groom for a list of songs they definitely want played, and a list of any songs they absolutely don't want played.


"Click on the Top Hits U.S.A. above and PartyBlast.com link below to check out

and visit Horizon Entertainment's Massive Music Library!"

Weddings Receptions, DJs Disc Jockeys Music Library

For reservations, rates and booking enquiries, please call:

1 (608) 647-7187

1 (414) 369-2609

Toll Free: 1 (877) 647-6203

Madison WI Wedding DJ Music, Reception Coordination, Entertainment & Bride Planning Guide

Horizon Entertainment’s Code of Ethics and High Standards

A Good Wedding DJ will ALWAYS Set up his equipment early and test everything to make sure there are no technical difficulties, well in advance of the wedding reception. Arriving hours in advance is never too early!

A Good Wedding DJ will ALWAYS start his set off by congratulating the couple, introducing himself and then letting the audience know they can ask for song requests (as long as this is alright with the couple).

A Good Wedding DJ will ALWAYS play songs that are appropriate, at their appropriate times and at the right volume levels … slow songs for the married couple's first dance and then faster songs as the night progresses, especially as you come into the mid and later portion of the night.  If the bride and groom leave early to change for their honeymoon, it’s a good idea for the Bride/Groom and Wedding DJ to work this out ahead of time and then let the guests know that the couple will be leaving.

Horizon Entertainment Promises To

To ALWAYS Give More Than I Receive.

To ALWAYS Be Professional and Do the Right Thing, Every Time, All the Time.

To ALWAYS Treat My Clients With Dignity, Respect, Honor, Integrity, Fairness and Honesty.

To ALWAYS Be Dependable and Show Up On Time, Every Time.

To ALWAYS Work Hard, Be Interactive & Give Clients the Best Show Every Time.

To ALWAYS Be Accomodating, Courteous, Friendly and Positive Toward My Clients and their Guests.

To ALWAYS Furnish the Highest Quality Sound & Lighting Equipment Available.

To ALWAYS Have Back-up Sound & Lighting Equipment Present and Available on the Job Site.

To ALWAYS Provide a Complete Legal Music Library on the Job Site.

To ALWAYS Be Knowledgeable of all Types of Music & Provide the Largest Digital Music Library of Any DJ.

To ALWAYS Carry the Widest Variety of Music, All Formats and Genres, of Any DJ in WI.

To ALWAYS Be Sober and Never Drink Before, During, or After a Performance.

To ALWAYS Be Dressed Appropriately and Wear a Full Tuxedo while I’m On Stage for Weddings.

To ALWAYS Give My Commitment of Being the Best Value and Best DJ Service Every Time!

Golden Rule...  "Do for other people everything you'd like them to do for you!"

Luke 6:31


BIO for Digital Dj Daryl of Wisconsin

  Discover What Makes A Great Wedding DJ! 

Daryl has been a professional mobile disc jockey since 1992.  Daryl actually began his entertainment career prior to 1992 when he was only 16 years old as a lead vocalist and back-up singer, professional emcee, musician and band leader in a travelling family road show band. 

For several years, Daryl was not only a wedding singer and entertained for weddings, but he performed as the lead singer and guitar player for a very successful, well-known and recognized, award winning regional warm-up band that opened for a number of famous and nationally known song artists. 

Despite Daryl’s background as a professional entertainer, sound and lighting technician, emcee, band manager, Karaoke jockey, DJ entertainer, singer and musician, he enjoys providing the DJ service for weddings most of all.  He is dedicated to creating a fun, unique, and memorable experience for his clients.

To sum it up, DJ Daryl has a diverse musical background, a deep knowledge and love for all types of music, extensive technological expertise, a lot of experience as an entertainer and a vast array and wide assortment of music, from every era and genre, with a massive music library of over 100,000 song titles.  Finally, Daryl has the ability to “read the crowd” in order to achieve and create an exciting and unforgetable event.

By Jim Bendewald of White Star Productions and James Studio Photography, Madison, WI  (608) 233-5556, Professional Photographer and Videographer. 

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Digital DJ Daryl Beier has been a wedding and party DJ (disc jockey) for over 20 years!  He has been the disc jockey for nearly 1,000 successful weddings, parties and corporate events!  DJ Daryl looks forward to serving yu and your DJ needs as your wedding DJ in Southern, South-central, Southwestern and Central Wisconsin!


My name is Daryl Beier.  I have owned Horizon Entertainment since 1992.  My entertainment career all started when I became a lead singer and musician for a regional warm-up band when I was just sixteen years old.  After touring the Midwest for several years with the band, I envisioned becoming a wedding DJ and forming a wedding DJ company that would take "wedding entertainment" to another level, unlike any other company in the South-central/Southwestern Wisconsin region.


It all started with an emphasis on having vast amounts of music and then having an "entertainer" compliment the event with years of experience.  Experience as an entertainer consists of 2 primary ingredients or two very important elements … Having a wide knowledge of music and years of experience using a microphone to entertain a diverse group of people or wide-ranging audience.


Whether your event is a wedding, anniversary, class reunion, or high school dance, Horizon Entertainment has the most "experience" in these two very important areas to make your event a complete success!!


Contact us for more information or call today…!  Thank you in advance for contacting Horizon Entertainment.


– Daryl Beier


Finding and Hiring a Great Digital DJ for Your Wedding Reception

Words of Wisdom and Advice from Professional Wedding Planners, Wedding Coordinators, etc.

How To Choose Your Wedding Disc Jockey and caveats to avoid

By: Jeff Ostroff

There are thousands of wedding disc jockeys! But how do you find the wedding disc jockey that's perfect for you? Here you will find all the caveats to avoid, questions to ask, what DJ equipment they should be using, and what you should have included in your contract. Many tips on this page are only our opinion, you must choose what you feel is right for your wedding.  Choosing your wedding DJ is the best part of your wedding preparations. You get to meet a lot of wedding industry people who are generally nice, outgoing, and personable.

      To check out a small fraction of Horizon Entertainment's music library, you can find every all-time beat-maker hit song of the 1990s and 2000’s online at Top Hits U.S.A.

Radio Programming and Management 


"Click on the Top Hits U.S.A. above and PartyBlast.com link below to check out

and visit Horizon Entertainment's Massive Music Library!"

Weddings Receptions, DJs Disc Jockeys Music Library

Madison WI Wedding DJ Music, Reception Coordination, Entertainment & Bride Planning Guide


Contact Digital DJ Daryl of Horizon Entertainment


Text or Call (608) 604-4899, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call Direct (608) 647-7187, Mobile (608) 604-4899 or Toll Free (877) 647-6203 for WisconsinWedding Entertainment and Professional DJ, Deejay, Disc Jockey, Karaoke, MC, Emcee, Master of Ceremonies and Entertainment Service that gives your dream wedding event that festive feeling!

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